Daughters of the Heart Kick off Guest Post with Caryl McAdoo

I’m so excited and honored to help launch Celebrate Lit! And I’d love to share a recipe that’s in my new release DAUGHTERS OF THE HEART, book four in my historical Christian Texas Romance series, a family saga. The Buckmeyer home is blessed with a wonderful cook. Mammy’s been making it since Mister Henry hired her son for his experience in raising cotton and she started cooking for him. In book three HOPE REBORN, she gets a new name, Jewel, and finds a new love, too.Daughters of the Heart

This series has been such a blessing. I began writing thirty years ago, and I believe it was exactly for such a time as this. God’s hand has been so evident since meeting Mary Sue Seymour, my New York agent now, at a small Texas writers’ conference in April, last weekend, 2012. Taking her back to the airport, she told me to write her a historical Christian romance set in 1800s, and she’d sell it.

Did I mention her maiden name was McAdoo?

I’d never written historical or Christian either, but I dropped her off on Sunday and started VOW UNBROKEN on Monday. Finished it in nine weeks, and she sold it two months later to Simon and Schuster! May to October–five months! Try to convince me that wasn’t God! But then S&S didn’t exercise their option on book two. Was I sad? Oh no! I began a new phase of this writing journey He called me to, becoming an Indie author.

You see, S&S had taken basically two years to release VOW, and I’d been writing that whole time, so I had five completed manuscripts and a few more well started. Instead of taking until 2026 to get them all published traditionally, the Lord and I went about releasing eleven new titles in 2015! One per month through November. My readership is well into six digits now and it’s all because of God’s blessings and favor.
He first sent me to a writers’ workshop for fifteen years to learn my craft, then He’s given me great stories and wonderful friends in my characters and their families. He’s brought the most amazing people into my path who have helped me immeasurably: Two artists, Kirk DouPonce, a graphic designer who creates my Texas Romance covers, and Judy Levine who paints original cover art for The Generations, my Biblical fiction series.

Proofreaders, beta readers, a magnificent review crew called the eVALUaters, crazy helpful Facebook groups with a community of Christian authors willing to help anyone and everyone trying to share God’s Good News! And I can’t forget a few awesome marketing specialists along the way like Sandra Barela here at Celebrating Lit! I’m one year into this and stand truly amazed at what God’s done!


The ‘tagline’ I adopted for all my books is, ‘Praying my story gives God glory!’ I do my best to please Him in all I do, but especially through this exciting career He’s given me to share such Biblical principles as not worrying, forgiveness, trust, having faith, repenting, salvation, watching the words we speak and so much more so intricately woven into the story that it comes in the form of entertainment, not being preached at. Readers see, experience the consequences of right and wrong decisions, blessings and curses, and life and death.

To Purchase your copy of  Daughters of the Heart, click here.


Now for that recipe! It came from a critique partner’s new cookbook SWEET THANGS and was perfect for Miss Jewel!

To purchase your coy of Sweet Thangs, click here.
Sweet Thangs Cover

Apple Pie in Cast Iron Skillet


3 pounds Granny Smith apples, peeled, cored, quartered, and thinly sliced.

2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

1 cup granulated sugar

½ cup butter

1 cup firmly packed light or dark brown sugar

3-(9 inch) pie crusts

1 egg white

Extra cinnamon and sugar for sprinkling


~ Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

~ Toss apples with cinnamon and ¾ cup sugar.

~ Melt butter in a 10-inch cast-iron skillet over medium heat.

~ Add brown sugar, and cook, stirring constantly, 1-2 minutes

or until sugar is dissolved.

~ Remove from heat and place 1 piecrust in skillet over the

brown sugar mixture. Brush crust with egg white which has

been whisked until it’s foamy.

~ Spoon ½ of apple mixture over piecrust, then top with second

crust, and brush with egg white.

~ Spoon remaining half of apple mixture over that crust, and

top with final pie crust, brushing it with egg white, as well.

~ Sprinkle top crust with sugar and cinnamon.

~ Cut 4 or 5 slits in top of crust for steam to escape.

~ Bake for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour or until golden

brown and bubbly, shielding with aluminum foil during last

10 minutes to prevent excessive browning, if necessary.

~ Cool on wire rack 30 minutes before serving.

Y’all enjoy—the pie and the books! I’m excited to be giving away some great prizes and pray you all will be as blessed and highly favored as I am!

To find out more and enter the giveaway go to the Daughters of the Heart Celebration Tour page: http://celebratelit.com/daughters-of-the-heart-celebration-tour/

2 thoughts on “Daughters of the Heart Kick off Guest Post with Caryl McAdoo

  1. Caryl McAdoo

    SO excited to see how God will use these next two weeks! Thank you Sandy for honoring me to be your first blog tour. I love helping you kick off CelebrateLit! Hugs and blessings

    Liked by 1 person


    This was a really interesting post . Thank you for the recipe it looks great, and I hope to make it soon.
    Caryl best wishes on your blog tour it is always a pleasure discovering new blogs, Have a Blessed day !


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